Uniqlo Weather x Outfit Recommendation App

Challenge: What is a unique way to promote Uniqlo’s spring collection using tech?

Insight: Most people open up their weather app in the morning as guidance to what appropriate outfit they should put on that will go accordingly with that particular day’s weather.

Solution: So why not create a weather app that recommends daily outfits according to the weather of the day as a way to promote the new spring collection? In the beginning, the user sets where they are located and what they shop, then they receive the weather forecast. From there, they have an option to look at other days of the week, change their settings, or click on “Outfit Recommendation” which has a set of outfit chosen for them. From there, if they like the outfit, they can click on the “Shop Here” button that directs them to the Uniqlo website where they can purchase the items.

Research: In preparation, I studied everything about Uniqlo, from their branding and language to the color and visual UI system that they use on their apps. This research allows me to create an app experience that is on-brand with Uniqlo’s products.

An iphone 6 mockup that shows the design of the splash page
Screens in the app
Gif animation of interaction 1 on the app
Gif animation of interaction 2 on the app
Page showing different spring outfits
Prototype of the app and user experience