TEDx Binghamton
"Beyond the Canvas"

Gif animation of TEDx Binghamton graphic

The theme for this year's TEDx Binghamton is "Beyond the Canvas" and this was my submission for the University's design contest which won third place. The brief says to bring our own interpretation to the table, and so I thought of what the phrase could mean in the abstract sense.

To me, "Beyond the Canvas" means taking something from one place and applying it to another. Isn't that the point of learning? To apply a body of knowledge to other contexts. And when you keep on repeating this process, your understanding of the world can go above and beyond. This is illustrated by the abstract canvas expanding into the negative space.

TEDx Binghamton design idea for theme beyond the canvas

To amplify that, we can bring in a community of learners. Afterall, a TED talk is a setting that brings together all kinds of people hoping to combine and increase their collective knowledge of the world. To show this idea, I used a fundamental rule of design – modularity, to build a unique combination of structures out of individual units of canvases.

Two TEDx Binghamton typographic posters illustrating the theme
Two TEDx Binghamton paper mockup
T-shirt design for the TED talk event as part of the ad campaign
Mobile schedule on the iphone showing a user interface design derived from the graphic